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HTML5 Lastest Features

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some updates and new features you can use today…

  • Page Visibility API – know when your web app’s page is not visible and save CPU (and Al gore will love you! for helping us saving earth)
  • Web Audio API – Since < audio > had its limitations. Now you can have scheduling of your playback, real-time processing and analysis of the stream and even low-level audio manipulation. Go Have Fun… It’s all in Chrome 14 stable & ready.
  • Prerendering API – speed is the need and this API comes to help.
  • Offline support is going mainstream so first you wish to know when you are online (or not) and then use IndexedDB and other options to save time and data for your clients (on the client).
  • Web graphics enhancements: Beautiful image transitions and A 3D CSS shooter
  • Native Client launched in Chrome 14 – Now you can play some classics games on your Chromebook.
    • Secure cross-platform C/C++ environment for apps/extensions
    • Close to native performance in web applications
    • Extra security, with The Sandboxed inside NaCl and Chrome sandboxes (very far from ActiveX!)
Here are some short code snippts of what you can do today on morden browsers. If you wish to check the specific feature I’ll recommend

Page Visibility API

document.addEventListener('visibilitychange', function(e) {
  console.log('hidden:' + document.hidden, 'state:' + document.visibilityState)
}, false);

Prerendering API

< link rel="prerender" href="" >

Online status

if (navigator.onLine) {
else {
  console.log('Connection is not *good*');

Now it’s your turn… start leveraging them.


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