#LPA17 Executive Summary


The 3rd class of Launchpad Accelerator boot camp is over. It was a great two weeks packed with talks, workshops and mentoring sessions. I hope we will see soon the accomplishments of what we did together with the founders. We had more than 1100 mentoring sessions (of one hour or more) and all the notes from these sessions are being saved in a set of apps that we built. This allowing us to follow up with the startups and see what is the impact that we are making (or not). I was amazed by the founders and their dedication and grit. It’s always a true pleasure to work with so much talented, focused group of people. My hunch is that we will ‘hear’ in the news on about 15% – 20% of the startups. Btw, this is a ratio that any VC would love to have.

The goal of our program is to help tech startups build a successful business. This is why we searching after these startups that already got a product market fit and funding. In this program, we are doing our best to help them boost their KPIs and become sustainable businesses.

After reflecting on these two weeks, I think we are moving in the right direction. We got lots of good feedback and we are going to (try and) do better next time, this summer. A series of videos with stories and ‘action items’ will be live soon – so we can share our learning at scale.

These are the startups that took part in this class. I had the pleasure to mentor 90% of them and it is going to be fun supporting them in the next 6 months.


Startup Country About The Company
Curofy India India’s largest network of verified Doctors making them more efficient at their practice.
ELSA Speak Vietnam ELSA is the world’s most advanced A.I. that teaches 1.5 billion language learners how to speak English with an American accent.
Flyrobe India Flyrobe is India’s largest fashion rental service.
Happy Adda Studios India We develop and publish Indian vernacular games.
Haravan Vietnam Clould-Based, MultiChannel Commerce Platform for SMEs
HashLearn India On-demand tutoring, on the mobile. We connect students to tutors, in a few seconds.
iGrow Indonesia iGrow is a marketplace that helps under employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce high quality organic food.
Jurnal Indonesia Simple Online Accounting Software
KaptureCRM India A mobile first business automation platform to manage your sales and customer service
PicMix Indonesia PicMix is an Interest-Based Community Platform powered with Content and Commerce
Playment India Cloud Platform for Human Work.
Qlue Indonesia We provide a social platform that allow users to report city problems.
Rentomojo India Creating Subscription Commerce
Ruma Indonesia A social enterprise which mission is to increase dignity, access, and income for the low income through technology
Skootar Thailand Empowering businesses with on-demand motorbike messenger service.
snapcart Indonesia Platform to connect Brands and Shoppers through real-time off-line purchase data
Wongnai Thailand Wongnai is Thailand’s Yelp.
ZipMatch Philippines ZipMatch is a real estate marketplaces that leverages technology to match buyers and sellers in a more efficiently.
Delivery Direto Brazil For restaurants that has delivery, Delivery Direto is a white label platform that provides economy and independency.
DogHero Brazil DogHero is a peer-to-peer dog boarding marketplace that dog owners with trusted sitters.
Econduce Mexico Shared electric scooters with a network of charging stations for an affordable, easy and fun urban transportation.
Meus Pedidos Brazil Startup that leverages sales performance of the distribution chain through technology.
Mobills Brazil Mobills is a personal finance app that helps people to save money and make their dreams come true.
Platzi Colombia Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code.
Portal Telemedicina Brazil Telemedicine Portal is an online medical center for interactivity and collaboration between specialists in the area of health and population.
QuintoAndar Brazil QuintoAndar is the fastest and safest way to rent an apartment in Brazil.
TiendaNube Argentina Enabling entrepreneurs and SMBs to setup, manage and promote their businesses online.
Tizkka Mexico TiZKKA is a fashion community where users get inspired by discovering the latest trends.
Unima Mexico Fast and low cost diagnostic and disease surveillance technology of infectious diseases for the developing world
Workana Argentina Workana is a marketplace for freelance and remote work
YOP Argentina Social Commerce B2C and C2C Marketplace


We also learned about OKRs and how they can help you startup to execute better.
Btw, on the first week we focus on the building blocks: funds, monetization, team building and on the 2nd week we focused more on machine learning, cloud, app monetization and progressive web apps.
We also had great talked from Noam Bardin (the co-founder of Waze) and Bradley Horowitz (VP in Google who leads Area 120, Streams & photos). I hope to have these videos live soon as their talks were really inspiring and interesting.

Soon we are going to open the registration for class #4 – So please stay tuned!


Be strong!


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