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WebRTC Updates

webrtc logoIn this week show on Google Developers live Israel we hosted Sam Dutton in order to hear what’s new in the land of WebRTC. What? Well, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a collection of standards, protocols, and JavaScript APIs that enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. We covered (with demos) the three primary APIs:

  • MediaStream: acquisition of audio and video streams
  • RTCPeerConnection: communication of audio and video data
  • RTCDataChannel: communication of arbitrary application data

It was a fun 20min talk with some very impressive demos. Here are few demos that show the power of getUserMedia API:



WebRTC Hello World Example

Live Demo

[gist 6238800]

Psst… Another great source to learn about WebRTC is chapter 18 in a new book “High Performance Browser Networking” by Ilya Grigorik.


2 thoughts on “WebRTC Updates

  1. pierre LEMON says:

    hello! Are you still developing with webrtc? Do you live in Israel? I live in Israel. I think i have an interesting project. Maybe we can have collaboration work in this project? Looking forward from you.

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