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Web Fundamental Update

Here are the slides from a talk I gave at Campus TLV. It’s a summary of web fundamentals is offering developers at the first step of ‘building your first multi screen site‘.

If you would like to contribute to this important open-source project, please jump to our github repo:



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Web Monetization Options


Today there are many choices when it comes to make money on the web.

  • In-app payments – There are many examples to an application that is free but let you add features with in-app payments. A good example is a game that is free, but offers additional levels or virtual goods for a certain price.
  • One-time charge - You charge a fixed price for your application. It could be before the user tries it or after a period of ‘testing’.
  • Subscription – There could be monthly or yearly subscription models. Users will pay as they go. Many SMB applications are working this way.
  • Freemium – In this pricing strategy we can use each of the previous options. The advantage in it is that we are offering a limited trial version of our app so users could ‘test before they buy’ and offer a ‘pro version’ for those who wish to buy the full application.
  • Ads – There are many options and we will cover it in the future.

Google Wallet on all devices

Let’s take a closer look at each option and see when and how to use it. Continue reading

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The Little Prince And The Better Parts Of Javascript

The little price“It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to subtract.”

In this (quality talk), Douglas Crockford talks on the better parts of JavaScript. As always, it’s an opinionated talk, so choose what you wish to take from it for your next project. There are many aspects that Douglas touch on, that are very helpful to any technology you are using. I truly like his opening from “The little prince” ‎- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Great points on software development and especially JavaScript’s holes you wish to avoid.


Btw, back at 2010 I’ve recommended his book – Times fly.

Chrome, HTML5, JavaScript, webdev just got a hebrew version

fed-uptodate-hebrewI’ve been contributing to this cool project: and today it’s live!

If you wish to check what are the best practices for front-end developers (in hebrew) this is your version:

Good luck.

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How To Create A RESTful API

Google APIs with picturesque app

If you wish to read the background on RESTful APIs It’s all started here.  You can look at some good examples for RESTful APIs from Google, Twitter and many others. In this post, I will try to focus on some important aspect that you want to keep in mind when you are building your next RESTful API. Btw, if you are looking on an efficient way to create it – Checkout my talk from last Google I/O. It’s over a year now, but still very relevant.

Main aspects to pay attention

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A List Of Great Mobile Web Apps

mwa-examples 2014-08-21 14.16.36In the past, I gave few presentations on ‘Modern web apps‘ and each time I tried to show compelling examples.

Here is a new source (mobile web apps ftw) that might help you see what can be done (today) on the mobile web.
Few good examples to checkout:

  1. Weather App
  2. Lanyrd (For your next conferences).
  3. Stanford
  4. Financial Times
  5. Alerts in Israel (hebrew)
  6. Time Tracker (hebrew)
  7. GitHub
  8. Twitter
  9. Gmail

Another good site to get insperation is:
If you have other great suggestions – please use the comments and I’ll add them.