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Web Bluetooth

blue-tYou can access user-selected Bluetooth devices over GATT.
You can try it in Chrome behind flags:
If you wish to learn more on the web Bluetooth, try this the demo code.
Last note, for more details on the implementation (e.g. which pieces are done in which releases) star this repo



Want to stay updated with all the new powerful features that Chrome DevTools got for you? Check this DevTools Tonight show pilot or a daily tip.



Learn about Monetization (from web/app to bitcoins and more!) with this new series we created on Google Developers Channel.
Btw, if you like blog posts, we got you covered as well right on this blog.

Async CSS

Controlling async CSS using custom properties. Turns out they’re quite powerful.
Since <link> in the <body> blocks the parser while the CSS loads, it might be good to build a dependency mechanism where each element is render-blocked until other specific elements have rendered.
Sounds complicated?
It’s not. Check this 
demo (please make sure to try it with Chrome Canary or Firefox). In this demo, the CSS is loaded async, with each sheet taking randomly between 0-5 seconds to load. Despite this, the page never renders out of order, and each section renders as soon as possible depending on the browser width.

css-jake 2016-02-24 at 10.01.52 AM

Progressive web apps

Wanna see some good examples of Progressive web apps? This is the new way to build for the web at 2016.
We wish to have a web app got:

  • Fast loading – Since we are caching everything and using smooth animations and navigations, everything feels fast. Because it is.
  • One click away from accessing content (e.g. icon on the user’s phone).
  • Re-engages with push notifications – We are using service workers so we have the ability to run a script in the background and send push notifications. Even when the browser is not visible to the user.
  • Good experience on flaky network connections.
  • Consistent experience across browsers

Here is a good list of PWA to show you by example.

pwa 2016-02-24 at 10.00.27 AM



Media Land

  • Record audio and video with the MediaRecorder API: in Firefox and Chrome on Android and desktop.

  • VP9 is now available for WebRTC: With VP9, internet connections that are currently able to serve 720p without packet loss or delay will be able to support a 1080p video call at the same bandwidth. VP9 can also reduce data usage for users with poor connections or expensive data plans, requiring in best cases only 40% of the bitrate of VP8.

Thanks for reading!

Chrome, HTML5, JavaScript, webdev just got a hebrew version

fed-uptodate-hebrewI’ve been contributing to this cool project: and today it’s live!

If you wish to check what are the best practices for front-end developers (in hebrew) this is your version:

Good luck.

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Polymer And Web Components At I/O 2014

This talk cover three main subjects:

  • State of the union – What has change in the past 3 years
  • Problems solved by web components – When it comes to build complex web applications, there are many ways we can do things better. In this section we will see how/why.
  • Thinking in components – What are the implications when you coming to design and build web apps.

== Psst… It’s in raw format – I will polish it after I/O is over ==

State of the union

Once many years ago… We had HTML4 with all its problems. Later, well few years back, HTML5 was the answer for everything. It specifically, tried to show developers what can be done on the web modern platform and moreover APIs browser vendors could add to help developers boost their productivity. In the past 18 months we saw a lot of things like: templates, shadow dom, data binding etc’. It’s been a long journey. Now, we have Polymer. Continue reading

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Chrome DevTools Tips

DevToolsA (good) web developer use several tools in order to be productive and built amazing projects. I guess, you can find advocates for Vim or Emacs but after you pass the phase of writing the code, it’s time to check why it’s not doing what you wish to see. You can find on Opera Dragonfly and in FireFox land there is Firebug. But, as you might guess already, my favorite tool is Chrome DevTools on Canary.

What are DevTools?

The Chrome Developer Tools are a set web authoring and debugging tools built into Google Chrome. The DevTools provide web developers deep access into the internals of the browser and their web application.

(!) If you are a front-end developer you should use Google Chrome Canary. It is easy to install it side by side your regular Chrome and it will give you the latest and greatest features with frequent improvements. This post is not a replacement to the one ‘source of true‘ but more of an update on the new features we have today (OCT 2013) in Canary. Checkout the pictures below with the green arrows that show you some of the interesting feature you can use. Continue reading

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Special GDL-IL On Startups #tips

GDL-IL on startupsIt is a busy week (and we are only on TUE). First, we had the opportunity  to host four founders from around the world (Sweden, Moscow and Israel) on GDL-IL. It was in a special episode about: Sartups, VCs, Angles and how to improve your pitch. I had the pleasure to host Eze Vidra, Head of Google Campus London who gave important feedback after each pitch. The structure of the show was like that: each founder got 3 minutes to pitch his startup and then we gave them feedback and asked more questions in order to understand the strengths better. I liked the fact that each founder choose a different way to pass his message. It was very interesting to hear the progress and learn about the key accomplishments that each of them made. I will write a more detailed summary of this conversation but for now you can enjoy it over here:

Second, last night, fresh from the oven a new podcast in hebrew on HTML5 and CSS3 New & Cool Stuff saw life. I had the honor to be a guest (again) on and talk about new web technologies that I’m passion about. If you are a developer that wish to hear quality content in hebrew on subjects that relate to your profesional life. Give it a try,  today they have more then 150 episodes that cover A LOT of topics. You can download the mp3 file from here.